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To customize floppy image, mount it and chdir to /etc in mounted direcotry.

# mount /dev/fd0a /mnt
# cd /mnt/etc
where /mnt/etc (/etc/ on fd0a) has boot scripts. It is minimal scripts for OS booting.

Please customize files under /etc/. For example, edit rc.conf [1] and ifconfig.$interface_name to fit your environment.

After customized, umount floppy.

# sync
# umount /mnt
It is ready to boot your own fdgw, one floppy NetBSD system.

See "customzation" section for more detais.



After 2003/01/10, rc.conf has all variables. But you can use a subset of these variables. The availability differs from model to model. See comments in rc.conf.

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