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fdgw: What is one floppy NetBSD ?

Table of Contents
What is "fdgw" ?
Test Environemnt
fdgw features
i386 kernel functions
network interfaces supporetd by default


NetBSD package system includes fdgw in it. It is easy to use pkgsrc for compilation. Please see pkgsrc/sysutils/fdgw.

In this document, we refere fdgw-current not fdgw in pkgsrc. Please footnotes for updating info and differences between pkgsrc and fdgw-current.

What is "fdgw" ?

"fdgw" is one floppy version of NetBSD/i386. [1] It can run on old machine without HDD :-). You can use it as small router, natbox or ADSL router. It is a minimal operating system.

For example, old pc (e.g. IBM PC110) becomes:

pretty ADSL router
pretty router
your home psuedo firewall
This system also supports DHCP and syslog.

This is similar to router product, off course. The extension is easier and better than router product.

Since the floppy size is very limited, we cannot build all-in-one box. So, "fdgw" provides several models for several purposes. Each model has different built-in applications and kernel configurations. For example, simplest model, "natbox" model supports IPv6 but ADSL router model not support v6 since ADSL router needs more programs, such as pppd and rp-pppoe, than natbox model.


You cannot login this host where fdgw runs from remote. You can configure this host only on console after booted or configure floppy image itself on anoother host.



I do not test fdgw can run other than on NetBSD/i386 1.5 stable. You may create NetBSD floppy other than i386.

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