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customize source

Configure files under conf/1.5/ to customize floppy default configurations

There are scripts for boot sequence at conf/1.5/etc/. It is almost same as usual NetBSD (precisely speaking, NetBSD 1.4 like boot sequence). You can understand it easily.


This section describes customization of floppy image itself. How to customize floppy image downloaded is another way.

conf/1.5/etc/ in fdgw source contains the base set for /etc/ in floppy image.

boot sequence

NetBSD kernel executes /.profile (conf/1.5/dot.profile in fdgw source) in the final stage. .profile mounts /dev/fd0a as /conf, copy [1] /conf/etc at floppy to /etc on memory. Finally, .profile executes /etc/rc.router. This file configures router functions et. al.



After 2002 spring, copy not symlink. So if you edit /etc on floppy image, the change will desappers in reboot. It is useful for test. If not test, please edit /conf/etc and reboot fdgw.

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