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fdgw: make floppy image from source

Table of Contents
make fdgw source
customize source
customize kernel
select built-in applications


NetBSD package (pkgsrc) has fdgw as sysutils/fdgw. It is useful to use package system for customization. For example,

% cd /usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/fdgw
% make extract
% cd work/fdgw-YYYYMMDD
   ... editing files ... 
% cd ../..
% make
% make image

In this chapter, we describe how to customize fdgw without pkgsrc. The way you customize fdgw is same as described below if you use pkgsrc or not.

Firstly, prepare NetBSD source at /usr/src. If you have source at another path, specify BSDSRCDIR when you run "make". For exmaple,

# make BSDSRCDIR=/some/where/netbsd/source

If model is unspecified, fdgw build process makes "natbox" model. If you want to build another model, specify MODEL as a make argument. For example, to build "adslrouter" model

make build image MODEL=adslrouter

Secondly, Download fdgw source and make it on NetBSD.

make fdgw source

run "make build" and "make image".

Extract fdgw source and run "make build".

% tar zxvf fdgw-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz
% cd fdgw-YYYYMMDD
% make build

If you succeed to compile fdgw, please run "make image" as root. "make build" make process creates temporary images, build netbsd kernel and "make image" create floppy image finally. You will find floppy images at ./image/ directry if you succeed.

Caution You need root priviledge at "make image" stage. If you run "make image" without root priviledge, make runs "su" to get privledge, so "su" command requets the root password.

% make build

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