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i386 kernel functions

Kernel functions is restricted for size limitation but fdgw supports almost all network interfaces. See "kernel configuration" section for more details. For example, default kernel ( for natbox model ) supports

PPP   (Point to Point Protocol)
BPF   (Berkeley Packet Filter)
Serial (RS232C)
floppy drive
memory disk
I386 -- I686 options

IPSec and IPv6 availability differs from models to models.

IPv6 is optional and enabled in some models such as adslrouter, riprouter and multipcast6 models. For exampel, "natbox" model supports IPv6 but the ADSL router model not support IPv6.

PPP in kernel is built in for PPPoE (PPP Over Ethernet). BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter) is also built in for DHCP and rp-pppoe.


IPSec is used for some unofficial ipsec models. IPSec with racoon (IKE daeomn) model needs a lot of size, so we will need to shlink kernel functions in ipsec model.

kernel configuration files

See "kernel configuration" section for fucntions kernel supports.

Fdgw suports almost all network interfaces but not all. You need to reconfigure kernel if your network card is not supporetd. When you add other applications into floppy, you want to cut off not used devices from kernel.

See the chapter about customzation for more details.

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