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fdgw: one floppy version NetBSD

Dr . Ken'ichi Fukamachi

All rights reserved.

fdgw is imported to NetBSD package (pkgsrc) as sysutils/fdgw on 2001/12/26. See PR pkg/14171 for more details.

You can download images from NetBSD.ORG. See http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/i386/faq.html#onefloppy

See also: www.bsdrouter.org

See CHANGES.txt for recent changes. The highlight of changes follows:

2008/11: I've started to reconstruct fdgw from scratch to support NetBSD 2.0 after.

2004/02/05: bridge model supported (only on NetBSD 1.6).

2004/02/02: images built on NetBSD 1.6.1 are available.

2004/01/28: compilable on NetBSD 1.6.1.

2003/01/10: /etc/rc.conf on image includes all available variables irrespective of model you use.

2002/12/19: I used fdgw IPv6 multicast model to see IPv6 summit in Japan via IPv6 multicast. It works well.

2002/08: added IPv6 multicast model (nearly equal to natbox + pim6sd).

2002/04: added riprouter model and BGP router prototype, too.

2002/02: I've added a proxybox model (application level gateway).

Table of Contents
fdgw: What is one floppy NetBSD ?
What is "fdgw" ?
Test Environemnt
fdgw features
i386 kernel functions
kernel configuration files
network interfaces supporetd by default
use fdgw floppy image
use floppy image
fdgw: make floppy image from source
make fdgw source
customize source
boot sequence
customize kernel
select built-in applications
customize fdgw
Network Interfaces
default route
DNS configurations
Filtering (IPFilter)
NAT (IPFilter)
Logging (by syslog)
ADSL configurations
kernel configuration file
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