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fml8 Mail Delivery System

Table of Contents
The Difference Between fml4 And fml8
Mail::Message Object
Incoming Queuing
fml Sends Back A Mail Message
Mail Queue And Delivery System
Mail Queue Directory
Queue Management System
Discussion: FML::Mailer Is Apropriate ?
Delivery TIPS

The Difference Between fml4 And fml8

One of purposes of fml8 is unification and abstraction of member list operations. Mail distribution is based on the following module Mail::Delivery.

Mail::Delivery class provides SMTP, ESMTP and LMTP delivery library interface. Mail::Delivery is an adapter layer for Mail::Delivery subclass ( SMTP ESMTP LMTP ).

For example,

    use Mail::Delivery::SMTP;
    my $service = new Mail::Delivery::SMTP;
    if ($service->error) { Log($service->error); return;}

                          mta             => '',

                          smtp_sender     => 'rudo@nuinui.net',
                          recipient_maps  => $recipient_maps,
                          recipient_limit => 1000,

                          mesage          => $message
where $message is a Mail::Message object.

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