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MTA Configuration (postfix)

Important: If $alias_maps of Postfix is properly set up, "makefml newml" automatically prepares fml and postfix configuration for the new ML.

See the Section called MTA Configuration (postfix) in the Chapter called fml8 Installation On Unix for the detail of postfix configuration.

"makefml" does not update system aliases (e.g. /etc/mail/aliases), but updates only alias file $ml_home_prefix/etc/mail/aliases file, which is used only for fml. "makefml" rebuilds $ml_home_prefix/etc/mail/aliases.db automatically, too.

NOTE: Format Of /var/spool/ml/etc/mail/aliases

$ml_home_prefix/etc/mail/aliases has the following entry for elena@home.fml.org ML.

### <ALIASES elena@home.fml.org ML> ###

# address for post
elena: :include:/var/spool/ml/elena/include
owner-elena: fukachan

# address for command
elena-ctl: :include:/var/spool/ml/elena/include-ctl
owner-elena-ctl: fukachan

# maintainer
elena-request: elena-admin
elena-admin: fukachan, elena-error

# error analyzer
elena-error: :include:/var/spool/ml/elena/include-error
owner-elena-error: fukachan

### </ALIASES elena@home.fml.org ML> ###
In the case of virtual domain, $ml_home_prefix varies with $virtual_maps.

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