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2 fundamental checks

2.1	Search keywords on problems over fml documents?

Search keywords on your problem over fml documents ?

	http://www.fml.org/fml/search-j.html (Japanese)
	http://www.fml.org/fml/search-e.html (English)

2.2	check the following typical errors

*	Check entries in /etc/aliases? You did newaliases?

	Sendmail uses /etc/mail/aliases not /etc/aliases ?

* Error mails can tell you the reason of errors. Please check it
before asking.

	error		origin
	unsafe		permission of files or directories
			check along the full path
	loop		/etc/aliases miss-configuration
			you did not newaliases ?
	user unknown	no such user
			/etc/aliases miss-configuration
			did not newaliases ?

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