I think that FML should provide "the degrees of freedom for users
   and maintainers as could as possible" and decreases the routine
   work of administrators. Fml configuration in default assumes manual
   operations, so e.g. manually add a member to the ML.  If you use
   extensions e.g. automatic registration/subscribe remote
   administration, you should enable functions explicitly.



*  makefml (CUI; interactive install and customize interface)

*  GUI based on CGI (4.0 new)


* Access with DataBase Servers by several methods

	LDAP (Leightweight Directory Access Protocol)

* Message Language Extension (3.0 new)

*  fix memory usage (3.0 new)


*  Filtering for posted articles (2.2 new function)
   e.g. reject null body mail and only 'unsubscribe' body mails.

*  FIlter: Reject Melissa family virus

*  Message-ID Cache, system account rejection, ... against loop

*  Traffic Monitor (2.2 new function)
   which monitors the ML traffic. Fml rejects more articles from a
   sender from which fml observes the high traffic mail, which must a
   mail bomber.

*  MD5 check sum loop detecton (3.0 new, optional)

	e.g. Melissa virus, happy99

*  FML Advisory
   advisory on fml configurations and current topics
	e.g. Melissa virus, happy99

[delivery system]

*  access control for each delivery and command functions
	(anyone/members_only/moderator types are available)

  [on "moderator"]
  Moderator has three types. In default, fml caches submission, 
  and sends one time password for certification to moderators.

*  Digest Delivery (Matome Okuri)
   Each customization for each user 
   e.g. send tar.gz format of articles to a user, 
        MIME/Multipart to another user. 
        Also a digest is sent to each user at each time.

	PGP 2
	PGP 5 (4.0 new)

*  PGP encrypted ML
	PGP 2
	PGP 5 (4.0 new)

*  Easy header customization in detail

*  Article spooling or not
   You can use archive other than the default spool
*  automatic compression (spool -> tar.gz style) and expiration
*  article expiration (if you have little DISK)
*  HTML article generation (HTML 4.0 FORMAT)
	new thread format (2.2.1 new)

*  fml connects MTA via SMTP connection not exec(2) MTA.
   # exec(2) style is optional or the last resort if SMTP fails.
   So you can use another hosts for delivery and plural MTA's.

*  Startrek Stardate :D

*  mead.pl (2.2 new)
   remove users which causes mail errors automatically.

*  Some limitation on ML (2.2 new)
   input mail size limit
   limit of the number of ML subscribers
   the maximum number of commands in one mail

*  $OUTGOING_ADDRESS (2.2.1 new)
   fml sends the article to an address $OUTGOINT_ADDRESS.	
   shorten perl lifetime HACK(e.g. on i486 with 16M memory machine)

*  ML by POP3  (optional)



	PGP 2
	PGP 5 (4.0 new)

*  Remote Administration
    authentication type: 
	password (password file is saved by crypt or MD5)
	PGP(Pretty Good Privacy) signature based authentication
	PGP 2
	PGP 5 (4.0 new)

*  Multiple functions to handle a bundle of articles


		gzip UNIX FROM file
		Lha + Ish
		Lha + uuencode
		tar + gzip
		zip + base64  (2.2 new)

   e.g. $DIR/log, $DIR/members, $DIR/actives

*  Newsyslog(8) support log files rotations
   (log -> log.0, log.0 -> log.1 ...) 
   e.g. $DIR/log, $DIR/members, $DIR/actives

*  listserv/majordomo compatible interface (emulation)


* change actives/members treatment of automatic subscribe (3.0 new)

*  automatic registration (default: confirmation)
   which confirms the "subscribe" will in default.
   type: confirmation, keyword in body or subject, no-keyword

*  fml tries to confirm "subscribe" request in the case of manual

   $MANUAL_REGISTRATION_TYPE = 'confirmation' or 'forward_to_admin'

*  confirmation in "unsubscribe". (2.2 new). This is optional.

*  confirmation in "chaddr". (2.2.1 new). This is optional.

*  confirmd (2.2 new)
   Confirmd queries user's will whether he/she continues to join
   a ML or not? Confirmd removes users if no reply.

*  USE_MEMBER_NAME (2.2 new)
   manages a set of addresses and full names.

Fml provides fundamentals for a lot of mailing list functions. You can
use fml as it is and the first step to hack a ML of your own.

Please use the latest version since programs which contact external
worlds should be always latest e.g. for security, evolution
environments, ... Hence it is better to do hacks for latest version.