10 How to test and debug

1. See system mail log e.g. /var/log/maillog to check your MTA.
   If you find some errors in it, check MTA configurations.
2. see $DIR/log (ML's HOME log file) to check fml.
3. see $DIR/var/log/_smtplog to check SMTP from fml to MTA.
4. "makefml test ML" to test fml itself apart from MTA.

	makefml test ML

to sets in debug mode. Under this environment, makefml emulates a fml
works. When the following prompt appears, select "y" (command test) or
"n" (post test) and go ahead! 

	test of command? (y/n) [n] 

The last of input is just a period "." line.


	* Enter mailbody, end with "." on a line by itself

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