Appendix A Typical Error Cases

Please check items e.g. logfiles referred in CHECK_LIST.en (package),


	% grep -i unsafe doc/Japanese/*

%perl makefml install
  Can't locate getopts.pl in @INC at makefml line 104.

The installation of perl fails. Please install perl again!

Please see error mails from your MTA. These are typical errors shown
in error mails returned from MTA's.

	error		origin
	unsafe		permission of files or directories
	loop		/etc/aliases miss-configuration
			did not newaliases
	user unknown	no such user
			/etc/aliases miss-configuration
			did not newaliases
	sh: fml.pl not available
			you use smrsh? properly configured?

*	You fails to use :include: form in /etc/aliases

The following reasons are possible:

	* "include" file exists in an insecure directory.
	  Please check the whole hierarchy permission from / to the "include".
	  check	/usr, /usr/local, /usr/local/fml, ... and chmod 755 them!

	* your mail system do not support include form.
	  You may require C-Wrapper (see below). 

If you fails to use :include: in /etc/aliases, please use the
C-wrapper program which may be required to be root-setuid.
The example of the C-wrapper is 


Please compile and set it properly. I recommend you council the
setting of the C-wrapper with the administrator of the
machine since it requires a lot of attention.

FYI: Some OS's provides a memo on installation. Please check your OS.
e.g.	Debian Linux	/usr/doc/fml/

Copyright (C) 1993-2001 Ken'ichi Fukamachi
All rights of this page is reserved.

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