3 Installation

	% su
	# groupadd fml
	# useradd -g fml fml

	# mkdir /usr/local/fml /var/spool/ml
	# chown fml /usr/local/fml /var/spool/ml
	# chgrp fml /usr/local/fml /var/spool/ml

3.1	Introduction

In general you should not run mailing lists as a privileged user.
Please run mailing lists as a non-privileged user.
The best way is to set up a non-privileged user (e.g. fml) for the
mailing lists. So you always use the account to configure fml.

A policy may be acceptable that fml installation by root, but usual
uses can handle fml.  Hence usual users cannot touch the executable
and libraries but can run "makefml fml" and others. It depends on your
operation policy.

3.2	What is your OS?

makefml tries to detect your OS and adjusts fml to fit it. If makefml
cannot detect your operating system, please use -O option to enforce
the os type. For example

	% makefml -O i386-unknown-OSTYPE install

Some OS's provides a memo on installation. Please check your OS.
e.g.	Debian Linux	/usr/doc/fml/

When you encounter some warning or error on SYSV (e.g. NEC EWS4800),
it may be effective to enforce

	% makefml -O unknown-unknown-sysv install

3.3	A few checks before installation

In default fml sets up only ML owner can read and write ML's HOME
directory and article spool and so on. How many accounts is used to
maintain mailing lists? Only you can run mailing lists? or a group of
people run mailing lists on this machine	? The files and directories
permissions fml should set up depend on the policy.

fml asks you on it in the first stage of installation.

   Personal Use or ML-Admin-Group-Shared or fmlserv you use? 
   Personal, Group, Fmlserv (personal/group/fmlserv) [personal] 

personal	only you use the fml system. In this case you 
		use your account or "fml" account only for ML maintenance.
		Only you can read and write the whole system.

group		Prepare a group. Members in a group can create a ML.
		but "fmlserv" is NOT USED.
		/var/spool/ml is group writable but the other permission
		is the same as in "personal" case.

fmlserv		Similar to "group" but they use fmlserv also.
		A lot of files are group writable since fmlserv should
		handle them. Only ML owner of a ML can change the ML's
		configuration file.

The write permission of the fml system changes in each type. 

If only you create and maintain mailing lists on a machine, please
select "personal". When plural people create and maintain plural
mailing lists, more loose permission is needed. Ideally speaking you
should prepare ML account e.g. "fml".

1. If only you runs mailing lists, please jump to the next section
(select "personal"). If you use "fmlserv" under "fml" account, please
select "personal".

2. There exist several mailing lists, but only you can do "newml" and
edit files directly.  In this case please select "personal", too.

3. When several people can set up and run several mailing lists, that
is the owners of mailing lists are plural, you can select "group". In
this case please create the maintainer group (e.g. fml) in /etc/group

Attention! The current MTA does not accept group writable permission.
If you use "group" or "fmlserv" type, you may need MTA configuration
change. For example, see 

For example, see "O DontBlameSendmail=GroupWritableIncludeFileSafe" option.

3.4	Installing by makefml

Unpack fml-something(usually revision).tar.gz, you can find
fml-x.y-something directory. Change to the directory, you find a set
of the fml system. In this directory, please run

	perl makefml install

to install the fml to your system.

	env MKDOC=no perl makefml install

Note 1: To replace perl path with some special path
(e.g. /usr/local/bin/perl5), run

   % env _PATH_PERL=/usr/local/bin/perl5 perl makefml install

Note 2: fml locks ML's in installing. If you install under unlocking,

	perl makefml -U install

3.5	query from installer

Here you see the following questions. Please answer them!

   Personal Use or ML-Admin-Group-Shared or fmlserv you use? 
   Personal, Group, Fmlserv (personal/group/fmlserv) [personal ]

   DOMAIN NAME               [fml.org] 
   FQDN                      [beth.fml.org] 
   EXEC FILES DIRECTORY      [/usr/local/fml] 
   TOP LEVEL ML DIRECTORY    [/var/spool/ml] 

   Language (Japanese or English) [Japanese] 

   TimeZone (TZ: e.g. +0900, -0300) [+0900] 

The value in [] is the default.  If you just "ENTER"(Carriage Return),
the value in the [] is used. These questions are as follows:

   Personal Use or ML-Admin-Group-Shared or fmlserv you use? 
   Personal, Group, Fmlserv (personal/group/fmlserv) [personal] 

Please see the previous section!

    Please define the group (in /etc/group) ML Operators use
    Group of Mailing List Operators (fml or GID ([\w\d]+)) [fml] 

	Please input group (e.g. fml) explained above.

   DOMAIN NAME               [fml.org] 

	Domain Name. The part after "@" of the Mailing List Address.
	If you use FQDN as e.g. the mailing list address, please input
	FQDN as "DOMAIN NAME". It is a fake :) but works well.

   FQDN                      [beth.fml.org] 

	Fully Qualified Domain Name of the machine you install in

   EXEC FILES DIRECTORY      [/usr/local/fml] 

	Where you install executable files of the fml system?  
	For example, the locations defined by values above are

		/usr/local/fml/fml.pl  (main executable file)
		/usr/local/fml/doc/    (document directory)

   TOP LEVEL ML DIRECTORY    [/var/spool/ml] 

   ML (ML's) are supposed to be created here. For example, 
	/var/spool/ml/elena	for an "Elena" Mailing List
	/var/spool/ml/mirei	for a  "Mirei" Mailing List
   are the ML's directory for each ML.
   The directory for each mailing list has configuration files and
   the spool of ML articles in each ML.

   LANGUAGE                  [Japanese] 
	When you make a new ml by "makefml newml", this setting
	determines the language of documents for the mailing list.

	By default, If the target machine to install matches "*.jp",
	"Japanese". If not, "English". If you would like to change,
	please select "Japanese" or "English".

   TimeZone (TZ: e.g. +0900, -0300) [+0900] 

	Fml tries to speculate your TIME ZONE but may be incorrect.
	If so, please input your timezone.

3.6	If you cannot manage /usr and /var .. (e.g. on the provider)

For example, 

	when you are not one of superusers but you can manage
	directories under /home on providers or universities.
	You can install fml to directories under your home. You must
	request administrators to edit /etc/aliases.

In this case, you change the input for "makefml" to the following

	/home/fukachan/fml	for the directory of executables
	/home/fukachan/ml	for the hierarchy of ML's

3.7	The Location Where The Fml System Configuration File Is Saved.

    Config Saved in [/usr/local/fml/.fml] 

The configurations you input are saved here.  After this time,
"makefml" uses this configurations to generate each mailing list
configurations (e.g. config.ph, include).

3.8	call makefml via CGI


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