6 To Add And Delete A User In The Mailing List

6.1	Attention When To Add And Delete A User

When you send e-mail to a mailing list server on the same machine as
one running mailing list servers, your mail header may have NOT

	From: username@domain 


	From: username 

In this case the server recognizes YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER!. To avoid
this error, you can register both addresses "username" and
"username@domain" by "makefml add listname address"

6.2	To Add A New User To The ML

Add a new user "fukachan@baycity.asia" in "Elena" ML.

   /usr/local/fml/makefml adduser elena fukachan@baycity.asia
   /usr/local/fml/makefml add elena fukachan@baycity.asia

6.3	To Remove The User From The ML

Remove "fukachan@baycity.asia" in "Elena" ML.

   /usr/local/fml/makefml byeuser elena fukachan@baycity.asia
   /usr/local/fml/makefml bye elena fukachan@baycity.asia

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