9 Configuration File

9.1	On cf and config.ph

fml.pl is the main execution file. The configuration file "config.ph"
controls this action.

"makefml" (makefml config => Chapter 7.0) is the
interface to edit "cf" file.  makefml converts cf to
config.ph. makefml always re-generates config.ph from cf.

	/var/spool/ml/elena/cf -> /var/spool/ml/elena/config.ph

To configure advanced settings, 

	1. edit cf and create config.ph from cf.
	   you can re-generate config.ph by 
		(prompt)% make config.ph

	  % makefml update-config.ph ML

	2. edit config.ph by hand ALWAYS.

Pay attention! cf is the master file of config.ph. It is better to
edit config.ph by hand. makefml is easy interface for
config.ph. It always overwrites config.ph.

9.2	the format of cf and config.ph

-- config.ph
config.ph is perl statements.

-- cf file
The format of cf is "variable the value of it", UNIX traditional
style. The rest of a line after # is a comment. We use the default
value defined in cf/MANIFEST for an entry not defined in cf. The list
of user defined variables exists in
fml-installed-directory/cf/MANIFEST (e.g. /usr/local/fml/cf/MANIFEST).

Each entry in config.ph converted from cf is the following:
	$variable = "the value of it";

For Example, in cf

	MAIL_LIST                	elena@$DOMAINNAME
	PERMIT_POST_FROM         	members_only

corresponds to this in config.ph.

	$MAIL_LIST                     = "elena\@$DOMAINNAME";
	$PERMIT_POST_FROM              = "members_only";
	$REJECT_POST_HANDLER           = "reject";

You can write raw perl statements after "LOCAL_CONFIG". It is appended
in the config.ph when you re-create "config.ph" from "cf" file. Here
is for localhack.

9.3	makefml config-template

In "makefml newml", makefml creates $DIR/cf from
$EXEC_DIR/etc/makefml/cf file. If you make a lot of ML's and need to
configure them, you want to change the default configuration for
yourself. e.g. the default is "automatic registration". 

	makefml config-template 

provides the "makefml config" like interface to edit the template file
$EXEC_DIR/etc/makefml/cf. Please ignore and do not touch several
keyword e.g. _ML_ used in template file.

9.4	Edit Template Files

When "makefml newml" creates a new mailing list with examples e.g. cf,
help, guide, ..., makefml uses templates. They are in
e.g. /usr/local/fml, where you installed. If you edit template files,
1.	edit them, which are under /usr/local/fml.
2.	edit them under makefml. makefml edit-template command provides
	you can edit cf file under ML's are locked. In addition
	you need not to search the template file location.

	makefml edit-template cf

Also you can edit files e.g. help, guide in the same way.

	makefml edit-template help.jp (Japanese help file template)
	makefml edit-template help.en (English help file template)

Copyright (C) 1993-2001 Ken'ichi Fukamachi
All rights of this page is reserved.

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