2 Example: install fml cgi under apache 1.3.14, suexec enabled


2.1	~/public_html 

2.2	prepare CGI scripts

	makefml admin.cgi config 

 which ? (0-7) [0] 4

 user (fml) [fml] fml

 % /usr/local/apache/bin/htpasswd /usr/local/fml/www/authdb/admin/htpasswd fml
 New password: 
 Re-type new password: 

 which ? (0-7) [0] 5

  * create /home/fukachan/public_html/cgi-bin/fml/admin/.htaccess
  * create CGI scripts in /home/fukachan/public_html/cgi-bin/fml/admin/
    menu.cgi makefml.cgi mlmenu.cgi menubar.cgi index.cgi newml.cgi rmml.cgi 

2.3	mail servers setup

   # touch /var/spool/ml/etc/aliases.db

2.4	apache configurations

    # tar zxvf apache_1.3.14.tar.gz
    # cd apache_1.3.14/
    # ./configure --enable-suexec --suexec-caller=nobody
    # make
    # make install 

    <Directory /home/*/public_html>
        AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
        Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch IncludesNoExec ExecCGI

    AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

	# apachectl configtest
	# apachectl restart

   Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) configured -- resuming normal operations
   suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/local/apache/bin/suexec)

2.5	check: passwords

	# chmod -R go+rx `find /usr/local/fml/www/authdb -type d -print`
	# chmod -R go+r /usr/local/fml/www/authdb

2.6	check: ~fml/public_html/

	% chmod -R go-w ~/public_html/	
	% chown -R fml:fml  ~/public_html/	

2.7	test

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