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1 Required Softwares

1.1	Required Softwares

   perl 5
	You need perl 5. Please use build 522 if you fail to run fml 
	by buld 6XX (perl 5.6.0 base).


	There is two kinds of MTA's.
	a. one type which runs programs
	b. another type which cannot run programs

1.2	fml for NT ?

There is no fml special for Windows 2000/NT. Please use the standard

1.3	tips for each MTA

* Sendmail for NT

2.5 (MetaInfo Sendmail 2.5 (?))

3.0 (Sendmail - Products - NT Routing)

* IMail Server Gold
References: fml -support: 7947 7954 7967 

	OS          Windows NT4.0
	Mail Server IMail Server Gold 4.1J
	Perl        ActivePerl 522
	fml         fml 3.0.1

     C:\\ fml \ml\elena\include.cmd <

*  X-Mail Server Ver 1.1

1.4	Case Study: test environment

NOTE:	Required and Test Environment 

You need MTA and ntperl. I tested fml master source using ntperl by
activestate.com. Other perl ports to NT4 exist but I've not tested
them. If you try and succeed it, please let me know.

My test environment is 

	i486 architecture
	NT 4.0 service pack 1
	ataman rlogind
	MetaInfo Sendmail 2.x 

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