4 The difference of make fml between on UNIX and on NT4

4.1	make fml newml (create a new mailing list)

In creating a new ML, make fml asks you the POP password. Consider the
case that you create elena ML. The default configuration needs
accounts on POP server


	elena-admin	(MAINTAINER)

Please create these account on POP server and input the same password
in "make fml newml elena".

elena-ctl is 9 characters, so it cannot be created for the account
string limit. In that case you may need to consider the different
control address name.

4.2	make fml pop_passwd <ML> (change POP password)

	make fml pop_passwd ML

	make fml pop_passwd elena

enables you to change POP password for elena account.

4.3	Mget And Digest File Default Format

The default in retrieving file is tar.gz on UNIX but MIME/Multipart on
NT4 since tar, gzip does not exist on standard NT4. The default for
some functions are changed for this type reasons.

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