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		fml and exim as a MTA

				Ken'ichi Fukamachi

Exim is almost compatible with sendmail, so see INSTALL for
installation.  You can use the same samples as sendmail with exim.
However don't forget the following configuratino change.


0. accept your domain (including virtual domain) :) in exim.conf

1.  Permit relay from localhost to recipients, since fml uses loopback
    interface (default) to connect to MTA (delivery system)
    But the latest MTA rejects such mail relay, so please permit relay
    via localhost.


   sender_host_accept_relay = localhost
   # sender_host_reject_relay = *

	user = fml


  driver = aliasfile
  file_transport = address_file
  pipe_transport = address_pipe
  file = /etc/aliases
  search_type = lsearch
  user = fml

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