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1 Introduction

1.1	Introduction

fml 4.0 is a package of mailing list server and utility programs. It
consists of perl scripts. It has been developed, tested and advanced
in Japan from 1993 to 2001. fml contains

   distributer (filter program which passes articles to MTA to deliver)
   command server for users
	command interface for general user
	command interface for remote administration 
	listserv/majordomo style interface (emulation)
   digest server
   CUI installer and configuration program
   other utility programs

fml design policy is based on the degree of freedom, so that I respect
"each environment for each man/women".

I assume that ML is a private communication so that the default fml
policy is manual edit: "you add a new member in hand, only members can
post and use commands". If you want to use extended functions,
e.g. remote administration, you need to EXPLICITLY modify the ML
configuration file (config.ph). One configuration file controls one
ML, so each ML can have each policy. CUI "makefml" provides a method
to customize basic functions. Advanced configuration needs the manual
edit of config.ph.

1.2	Supported Systems

fml can run on almost UNIX like operating systems. The installer
(makefml) tries to adjust fml to your OS in installing as could as
possible. fml master source has been tested on NetBSD (4.4BSD derived

fml on Windows 2000/NT4.0 can work also. Please read INSTALL and

* Development Environment:

   postfix release-20010228 + perl 5.00503 on NetBSD/i386 1.5.1

*  Test Environment: I've tested fml on the following system:

   postfix release-20010228 (+IPv6) + perl 5.00503 on NetBSD/sparc 1.5.1

The delivery system on fml.ORG consists of 2 MTA's to accelerate the
delivery (as both an experiment and a demonstration :-).

   qmail 1.03
   postfix release-20010228

1.3	Environment you need in installation of fml

fml fundamentally needs

	a UNIX account
	perl5 (recommend 5.004 after)
	MTA (e.g. postfix,sendmail,qmail,exim,...).

See INSTALL for more details on installation.
See INSTALL_on_NT4 for fml on Windows NT4.
See INSTALL_with_QMAIL when you use fml with qmail.

1.4	Source codes and the latest information


You can obtain fml sources at the URL


See this url for explanation of ftp hierarchy:


Please get the latest one, which is called fml-current. You'll find
fml-current, official released and other mail related sources at the

When you expand the fml source, you will find several documents under
doc/ and html documents under doc/html/.

The HOME PAGE of the fml is 


You can obtain the latest (fml-)current documents and sources here.
You could see the latest topics on fml-users mailing lists or fml home
pages. This site provides the search engine over fml distribution

1.6	Mailing Lists

Despite of my efforts, errors are inevitable. (Especially documents
must have a lot of English translation errors ;-) Please send me or ML
your corrections, comments, and suggestions. I set up the following ML
for it

	fml-users@ffs.fml.org   (Language is English)
	# FYI: fml-help@ffs.fml.org (Language is Japanese)

To join fml-users, send the following phrase in the mail body

	subscribe your-name (e.g. subscribe Anne Shirley)

to the address <fml-users-ctl@ffs.fml.org>. You will receive a
confirmation of your will to join this. Please reply and send it back
to <fml-users-ctl@ffs.fml.org>. This confirmation is against
subscription spoofing attacks.

It must be useful to search documents if you have a question. Please
try to search documents under doc/ in the distribution package or try
to use http://www.fml.org/ search engine. It is the first step to
solve your questions.

If you ask me or mailing lists, please check and report your
environment following doc/CHECK_LIST.en before you ask me or mailing

If you want to contact only the author, please send e-mail to the
address <fml-bugs@ffs.fml.org>. 


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