2 PGP around

2.1	directory hierarchy

	$DIST_AUTH_KEYRING_DIR     = "$DIR/etc/dist-auth";
	$DIST_ENCRYPT_KEYRING_DIR  = "$DIR/etc/dist-encrypt";
	$ADMIN_AUTH_KEYRING_DIR    = "$DIR/etc/admin-auth";
	$ADMIN_ENCRYPT_KEYRING_DIR = "$DIR/etc/admin-encrypt";



2.2	how to use makefml to manipulate PGP keys

	% setenv MAKEFML_PGP_DEFAULT_MODE admin-auth
	% makefml pgp elena

	% makefml pgp elena

	% makefml admin-auth.pgp elena

2.3	correct syntax to manipulate PGP keys for admin commands

	makefml admin-auth.pgp
	makefml admin-auth.pgp2
	makefml admin-auth.pgp5
	makefml admin-auth.pgpk
	makefml admin-auth.pgps
	makefml admin-auth.pgpe
	makefml admin-auth.pgpv
	makefml admin-auth.gpg

	makefml aa.pgp2
	makefml aa.pgp5
	makefml aa.gpg

2.4	correct syntax to manipulate PGP keys for ML encryption

	makefml dist-encrypt.pgp
	makefml dist-encrypt.pgp2
	makefml dist-encrypt.pgp5
	makefml dist-encrypt.pgpk
	makefml dist-encrypt.pgps
	makefml dist-encrypt.pgpe
	makefml dist-encrypt.pgpv
	makefml dist-encrypt.gpg

	makefml de.pgp2
	makefml de.pgp5
	makefml de.gpg

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