Perl (NTPERL5 home page)

Intergraph - Perl 4 for Windows NT

Hip Communications Inc. - Perl 5 for Windows NT

Perl 5.0 - Port of Perl 5.0 to Windows NT - MetaInfo

PERL Man pages

Perl reference materials

UF/NA Perl Archive

Mail Servers

EMWAC P3I386.ZIP- POP3 Server for Windows NT

EMWAC SRI386.ZIP- SMTP Receiver Service for Windows NT

EMWAC SDI386.ZIP- SMTP Delivery Service for Windows NT

LISTSERV - Electronic Mailing List product - Lsoft International

NTMAIL10.ZIP - SMTP, POST, POP3, & LIST Server package for NT - - SMTP / POP compliant - administrated via e-mail forms or the Web - Finger support - Mail list manager (beta), Web based directory services (beta).

sendmail - Sendmail V8 with POP3 - MetaInfo, Inc

StarTech Internet Components - SendMail, GetMail, Mailbox

DNS Servers

DNS 1.1 for Windows NT - MetaInfo, Inc

FBLI DNS -NT service based on bind 4.9.3 - François Beauregard Logiciels Inc.

Microsoft - Windows NT Resource Kit, Version 3.5

Finger Servers

EMWAC - FSI386.ZIP - Finger server for Windows NT

FTP Servers

Gopher Servers

EMWAC - GSI386.ZIP - Gopher server for Windows NT

NetPublisher Server - Gopher

HTTP Servers

Communications Builder - Supports multiple webs, multiple web ChatRooms, cacheing proxy - The Internet Factory, Inc.

EMWAC HTTPS - The "original" free Web server for NT - HSI386.EXE version 0.98 is current as of 9/7/95

Folio Infobase - HTTP server for publishing and content-searching - Folio Inc.

NetPublisher Server - Provides like-structured access to published infromation via HTTP and gopher - supports Z39.50 content-searching protocol - Catalog information can be added to individual documents and images - Ameritech Library Services

PowerWeb - Muti-processor Web Server Software. In beta as of 9/95.

Web Commander - Web Server for 32 bit Window

WebNotes - HTTP-based forum and conferencing system - OS TECHnologies Corporation.

WebSite - HTTP server for Windows NT - O'Reilly & Associates

ZBServer - Combined HTTP & Gopher server for Win 95 and NT

News Servers

NNS - Usenet Network News Server - Multi-threaded usenet NNTP-compliant news server that runs as Windows NT service

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