2 What is ML?

Fml, a ML server (manager) is a filtering process. It does not need to
handle delivery process. MTA receives mail, kicks off fml and
injects the mail to fml. fml checks, adjusts the mail header and body,
and distribute the ML article to ML members by passing it to MTA for


<a host>                                      <ML Server Host>
mail from a member
   V                    kick off fml
 MTA (e.g. sendmail)   ------------------>     
                                            fml <ML server (ML driver)>
 MTA (e.g. sendmail)   <-----------------      
   | | | 
   V V V   
 members of the Mailing List 

Described above, the mailing list and delivery process works.
A mailing list driver can accept commands, too. 

Only when mail comes in, fml is kicked off. That is event driven.
The traffic is intermittent. If you are concerned with the traffic
burst, you can receive a digest e.g. once per three hours.

You should use operating system function to run digest delivery
program periodically. On UNIX, you may be able to use cron (cron(8)).
Fml assumes you can use cron of your OS. If not, you can use an
emulator bin/cron.pl in fml-source (see => 5.3).

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