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	FML Security Advisory 1999-004: melissa family macro virus

Update 1999-003

			Ken'ichi Fukamachi <fukachan@sapporo.iij.ad.jp>

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[Abstract] What is melissa virus? See http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-99-04-Melissa-Macro-Virus.html You can reject Melissa original by Subject: keyword. See http://www.fml.org/fml/advisories/FA1999_003/index.html However you cannot reject Melissa variation. Here we describe how do we reject Melissa and the descendents and fml configurations. -------------------------
  • 1 How to reject special word file
  • 1.1 Theory of rejection
  • 1.2 Condition of rejection
  • 1.3 What virus can we reject
  • 2 Configuration after fml 2.2A#42
  • 2.1 Introduction
  • 3 Configuration before fml 2.2A#42
  • 3.1 Files to get
  • 3.2 cf case
  • 3.3 config.ph
  • 3.4 Hook to paste
  • Appendix A Filtering Function
  • Appendix A.1 FML Filtering
  • Appendix A.2 use "makefml config"
  • Appendix A.3 write cf
  • Appendix A.4 write config.ph
  • Appendix A.5 make secure ------------------------- http://www.fml.org/fml/INSTALL/ [______TOC_______] [NEXT CHAPTER]
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