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Screen Of CGI And The Method

fml8 CGI script creates the screen:

space     menu        space
bar 1     main        bar 2
space     menu        space
The bar 1 and 2 are called as navigation bar.

html_start() generates header part(DOCTYPE ... BODY of HTML, NOT HTTP HEADER). html_end() generates footer part.

Instead, BODY content generates 3 x 3 tables by using methods drived by run_cgi().

9 sub methods called by run_cgi() generetes the following 9 pieces on the screen.

nw   north  ne
west center east
sw   south  se

Screen Of The Current CGI

CGI screen generates 3 x 3 table structure. The following methods generates the corresponding part of the screen.

run_cgi_navigator	run_cgi_menu	run_cgi_command_help
These methods use TABLE to create 3 x 3 matrix. These methods are defined in hash table. run_cgi() executes them sequentially.

run_cgi_main() print nothing if nothing to do. In almost cases, print just "OK ..." message. If needed, it shows error messages. run_cgi_main() runs before all other methonds to print out the latest information.

run_cgi_main() is adapter layer defined at FML::CGI::Menu::Admin. Each command is executed via this layer.

In a few cases such as showing log, listing up addresses, run_cgi_menu() print out the data.

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