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Case Study: Mail Magazine (2)

After 2004/06, fml8 supports the queuing system. So the outgoing mail fails once, after the confirmation of content, you flush again to deliver if the content is ok.

The queuing system support enables "queue once, dequeue after content confirmation". It avoids delivery of wrong content.

The configuration is as follows.

Specify irrelevant port at config.cf.

smtp_servers = IRRELEVANT_PORT


smtp_servers =
This makes the delivery fail. The message is queued.

Check the content. If the content is correct and delivery is ready, runs the following command by specifying the correct transport.

% fml -o smtp_servers=TRANSPORT ML_NAME flushq


% fml -o smtp_servers= ML_NAME flushq
"flush" and "flushq" command are same.

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