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Tie::JournaledFile Class

This class appends data into a file. Tie::JournaledFile class provides this function.

This class is append only. It is similar to LFS (Log Structured File System).

Operation to extract a value is to get the latest (last appended) value. That is, the last match.

In other words, data cache logs all data to enable back track.

We cannot restrict the maximum size of this cache. This class holds data within some period without size limitation. We control cache expiration by time.

To get the following structure as a result, you can use get_all_values_as_hash_ref() method.

key => [
	log1	(line A of file 1),
	log2	(line B of file 2),
	log2	(line C of file 3),


Search algorithm is either of first match or last match. The last match by default since the last appended data is latest.

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