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Algorithm Of Error Detection

Functions of $error_mail_analyzer_function_select_list are available to determine error or not. Currently "simple_count histgram" and "histgram" algorithm are supported. "histgram" is used by default.

Algorithm: simple_count

Count up the number of error messages from an address and determine whether the address is effective or not.

This logic depends on just the total number of errors. If the traffic of ML is high, even a little configuration error of recipients caueses removal of the address soon. This is the main problem of this logic.

Algorithm: histgram

Count up the number of continuous days that error messages returned. If the number oversomes the threshold, fml8 removes the corresponding address. The threshold is 14 days by default. That implies continuous errors in 14 days.

This logic assumes that the traffic of an ML is at least one message per day. In other words, this logic requires the continuous error. So, little configuration error in the side of recipient has no effect.

fml8 uses this algorithm by default.

Caution: If the traffic of the ML is too little under at least one message per day, this algorithm does not work.

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