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Command Mail (Control fml By Sending Mail)

fml8 accepts control commands which is sent as a mail. It is called "command mail".

Important: The use of CUI (makefml/fml) is basic in fml world. It is expected you should use CUI if you can login the mailing list server.

The role of command mail is to delegate fml control priviledge to users who cannot login the mailing list server.


Consider elena ML. Send the command mail to elena-ctl@fml.org which is the address for command mail. MTA receives the mail and finally kicks off /usr/local/libexec/fml/command program. This program receives the mail (command mail) from STDIN , processes the requests and sends back the result to the sender. The mail to send back is passed to MTA for delivery via SMTP.


The result is aggreagated to one msssage as MIME/Multipart. This is different from fml4 behaviour.

Perl Modules For Command Mail

All modules which CUI, GUI and command mail uses are implented as FML::Command:: class.

In fact, a sub set of FML::Command:: class is allowed as command mail. $user_command_mail_allowed_commands, $anonymous_command_mail_allowed_commands and $admin_command_mail_allowed_commands variables defines it.

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