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Virtual Domain

You do not need edit /usr/local/etc/fml/main.cf but you need to edit $ml_home_prefix_maps (/usr/local/etc/fml/ml_home_prefix file by default). You can use "makefml newdomain" command to control $ml_home_prefix_maps. See "ML creation" for newdomain command.

Suppose that fml.org is the default domain. In this case, /var/spool/ml/$ml is used for $ml ML of fml.org. /var/spool/ml is used only for the domain fml.org. If you want to set up elena@nuinui.net, you need to specify other directory.

Specify the relation between domain and directory, edit /usr/local/etc/fml/ml_home_prefix and set the following:

nuinui.net	/var/spool/nuinui.net
Please use "makefml newdomain" command to change /usr/local/etc/fml/ml_home_prefix file. It is recommended that you do not edit this file directly.


site_default_config.cf is applied to all domains.

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