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Mime Component Filter Rules

The format of fml8 mime component filter is space separeted. It is not fml4's content filter rules.

text/plain 	permit
text/html	reject
*		permit

This filter supporse MIME, not including non mime operations. To identify the whole type (e.g. text/plain) and the part type (e.g. text/plain in multipart/mixed), we use the following format.

Whole message type      part type      action
text/plain 		*		permit
multipart/mixed		text/plain	permit
multipart/mixed		text/html	reject
multipart/mixed		image/*		cutoff
*			*		permit
the following operations are not implemented but needed ?
text/plain 		:uuencoded:	cutoff
text/plain 		:size>500k	cutoff

But there are several problems of rule construction.

First Match Vs Last Match ?

This is a filter but not a router filter. Router filter is first match in almost cases. But both first match and last match are not suitable for mime component filter when we consider the meaning of "cutoff" operation.


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