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Convert Another ML System To fml8

Implementation: fml4 To fml8

Case 1: /var/spool/ml/elena/ From fml4 To fml8

This conversion does the following steps in fact.

1) install fml8 firstly. In this case, add /var/spool/ml/etc/mail/aliases into $alias_maps of postfix main.cf. /var/spool/ml/etc/mail/aliases may be empty.

2) run "makefml --force newml elena" to create several files fml8 needs.

3) convert address lists in /var/spool/ml/elena to fml8 style.

3-1) IO::Adapter ignores a line beginning with '^#' as a comment. We should handle carefully it since "actives" file contains ^# lines as "off" address.

3-2) s=skip (off) options is ignored. It handles as "on".

3-3) m=... (digest) options is ignored. Also, "# address" is "off" in the case of fml4 but ignored in the case of fml8. We should warn it ?

4) remove the corresponding entry of alias file (/var/spool/ml/etc/fml/aliases) of fml4 and rebuild .db.

Case 2: Convert The Whole /var/spool/ml/ From fml4 To fml8

Apply case 1 for all ML's.

If we can stop all ML's, it is easy to remove /var/spool/ml/etc/fml/aliases of fml4 firstly and apply case 1 steps. Please stop MTA in migration.

Discussion: Use Half And Half Of fml4 And fml8 Softwares.

(X-Sequence: fml-devel 389)

How in half and half case.

For example, site_init.ph or config.ph of fml4 follows


push(@ACTIVE_LIST,"$DIR/recipients") if( -f "$DIR/recipients" ) ;
instead in the case of fml8 site_default_config.cf or config.cf follows:

html_archive_dir = $ml_home_dir/htdocs

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