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Customize config.cf

In running "makefml newml", makefml sets up configuration files such as config.cf, include files for sendmail and postfix and ~fml/.qmail-* files.

% su fml
% makefml newml elena
   ... snip ...
% ls /var/spool/ml/elena
config.cf include include-ctl include-error
	... snip ...

To customize one ML configuraiton, edit config.cf.


menu tool to edit config.cf is incomplete.

config.cf contains little definition. For example, /var/spool/ml/elena/include file follows:

"| /usr/local/libexec/fml/distribute elena@fml.org"
/var/spool/ml/elena/include-ctl file follows:
"| /usr/local/libexec/fml/commande elena@fml.org"
/usr/local/libexec/fml/PROGMAR resolves ml_name and ml_domain from the arguments such as elena@fml.org. That is, elena@fml.org in this argument determines values of $ml_domain and $ml_name. It is enough that ml_name and ml_domain in config.cf is a comment.

The content of include, include-ctl and aliases are same as fml4 except for the path.

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