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Run "makefml newml" To Create An ML (In The Case Of Virtual Domain)


The usage of makefml differs from fml4. In the case of fml8 firstly use "makefml newdomain" command, in the next run "makefml newml" command. Also ml_name differs. For virtual domain, use ml_name@ml_domain form.

In using "makefml newml", the usage is same as fml4 except for the ml_name. ml_name part is ml_name@ml_domain in the case of fml8

At the first time to use a virtual domain, run "makefml newdomain" before "makefml newml".

% su root
# makefml newdomain nuinui.net /var/spool/virtual/nuinui.net
# exit
% su fml
% makefml newml elena@nuinui.net
After the second time, just use "makefml newml".
% su fml
% makefml newml elena@nuinui.net

In running "makefml newdomain", specify a pair of domain and directory in ml_home_prefix_maps. This command edits /usr/local/etc/fml/ml_home_prefix file to add the following line.

nuinui.net /var/spool/virtual/nuinui.net
To remove this line, use "makefml rmdomain".

The usage of "makefml newml" command is same as in the case of default domain.

"makefml newml" creates an example of virtual domain configurations for several MTA's such as

. No example for qmail (not needed). No example for procmail since .procmailrc contains domain.

See the chapter of virtual domain for more details.

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