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Add or Remove A Remote Administrator.


A remote administor is a person who cannot login to the mail server but control an ML by sending a command mail (which is called "admin command").

Please use CUI to control remote administrators. If you use CUI, you can have priviledge to do since the use of CUI needs login to this host.


% su fml
% makefml addadmin ML ADDRESS
% makefml deladmin ML ADDRESS
fml treats ML without @domain part as one of the default domain.
[Example: in the case of a virtual domain]

% su fml
% makefml addadmin elena rudo@nuinui.net
% makefml deladmin elena rudo@nuinui.net
% makefml addadmin elena@fml.org rudo@nuinui.net
% makefml deladmin elena@fml.org rudo@nuinui.net

For convenience,

are same as addadmin.
are same as deladmin.

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