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The Road To The Next Generation Of Fml

fml8 is fully rewritten mailing list driver from scratch to re-implement fml4. The main purpose of this project is re-implementation of fml mailing list driver system with reflecting our 10 years experience on mailing list driver developement.

Roughly speaking, the relation between fml4 and fml8 is similar to one between sendmail and Postfix.

fml8 re-implements almost all features of fml4 functions. We re-design fml and clean up the function and variable naming convenstion. Also, We reinforce guide line to the coding style for clean source codes.

For example, when you use fml4, you'll find that fml assumes the list of members is a text file on the host. fml4 inherits the assumption from version 1.0 through 4.0. It affetcts the core part of the design. Hence, it is difficult to extend fml IO for the use of RDBMS, redundency et.al. In fact, fml4 supports RDBMS but the code is ugly. We should need to fully rewrite fml core parts.

Also, I want a lot of new features. fml8 should provide tiny bug tracking system maintatined automatically. It is better to co-relate fml with cvs log. These features help the support by mail and developer mailing list. I need it, of course.

Firstly, we need to discuss what we should inherit from fml4 design and features, and discard what in fml4.

Anyway, we should write codes for the further discussion! You can find it at the following URL.



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