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fml Sends Back A Mail Message

Mail::Delivery::Queue class inserts a message to send back into the mail queue. Later FML::Process::QueueManager handles the real delivery process.

Article delivery processing is a little diffferent but based on queueing by Mail::Delivery::Queue. If someting error occurs in delivery, another fml process tries to deliver it later.

Coding In fml8 Sources.

Code is like this to send back a message:

$curproc->reply_message( "you are not a ML member." );
If no recipient specified, the recipient is the sender of the message (From: address).

To send a file, like this:

$curproc->reply_message( {
        type        => "text/plain; charset=iso-2022-jp",
        path        => "/etc/fml/main.cf",
        filename    => "main.cf",
        disposition => "main.cf example",

$curproc->reply_message( {
        type        => "image/gif",
        path        => "/some/where/logo001.gif",
        filename    => "logo.gif",
        disposition => "attachment",

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