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Case Study: Office (2)

Edit /usr/local/etc/fml/site_default_config.cf to apply the effect to all ML's.

Add uppercase-ed ML name to the article subject tag.

article_subject_tag = (\U$ml_name\E %05d)
For example, an article of support@example.co.jp has the tag
Subject: (SUPPORT 10000)

Allow the use of command mail, which comes only from the specific domain (my domain e.g. example.co.jp). This hook enables it.

$command_verify_request_end_hook = q{
        my $cred = $curproc->credential();
        my $from = $cred->sender();

        unless ($from =~ /\@example\.co\.jp/i) {
                $curproc->logerror("deny command request from $from");

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