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Case Studies Of Customization

Table of Contents
Case Study: Auto File Responder
Case Study: Anyonen Can Use Command Mail.
Case Study: Disable Command Mail
Case Study: Mail Magazine (1)
Case Study: Mail Magazine (2)
Case Study: Anyone Can Post.
Case Study: Article Posting Allowd If It Is A Reply To The Former One.
Case Study: PGP/PGP Based Authentication In Posting
Case Study: Authenticate command mail by PGP/GPG
case study: hierarchical ML
I Want To Use ML By My Account.
Case Study: Office (1)
Case Study: Office (2)

Case Study: Auto File Responder

Modify delivery process ( libexec/distribute ) to send back /some/where/help file. For example, when a user can send anything to help@fml.org, fml sends back the help file to the sender.

In this case, set the following at config.cf

article_post_restrictions = permit_anyone
and define the following hook after =cut line.
$distribute_run_start_hook = q{

        $curproc->reply_message( {
                type        => "text/plain; charset=iso-2022-jp",
                path        => "/some/where/help",
                filename    => "help",
                disposition => "help example",


The last
method of fml8 corresponds to the statement
of fml4. After this statement, the normal processing stops.

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