5 Creating A New Mailing List

By makefml, you can create a new mailing list and control the
fundamental parameters for a ML.

"makefml" command syntax is as follows:
	makefml command [parameters or options]

5.1	Creating A New Mailing List

When you create a new "elena" Mailing List, you do just

	/usr/local/fml/makefml newml elena

You can find the samples for each ML under /var/spool/ml/"listname"/
e.g. the include sample for elena ML is


You can see a sample to add to /etc/aliases is shown in the last
action of makefml. Please cut and paste them in /etc/aliases and
"newaliases". This sample is in /var/spool/ml/etc/elena/aliases.
If you encounter some errors, see 11.0

If /var/spool/ml/elena already exists, makefml stops to avoid
overwriting. If you want to force to overwrite elena ML, run 

	/usr/local/fml/makefml -F newml elena

where -F is 'force'.

In default examples are for sendmail. If you use qmail, please see
INSTALL_with_QMAIL and examples generated by "makefml qmail-setup ML".
Fml provides tips for each MTA such as:

sendmail	INSTALL_with_SENDMAIL (almost dummy :-)
postfix		INSTALL_with_POSTFIX
qmail		INSTALL_with_QMAIL
exim		INSTALL_with_EXIM

Don't forget to permit relay from localhost since fml uses SMTP since
latest MTA rejects mail relay in default.
Please see manuals and faq's of MTA's.

If you create another "mirei" ML, you do the same way again for mirei
in replacing "elena" with "mirei".

Created samples are the following files:

	aliases		/etc/aliases samples
	include		include file for post address
	include-ctl	include file for command address
	include-mead	not used in default. This is for mead
			which analyzes error mails to remove obsolete address

	config.ph	the FML configuration file for each ML

	guide		guide
	help		help for ML and user commands
	help-admin	command index for remote administration
	objective	objective of ML
	welcome		when automatic subscription, we send back this file
	confirm		send back this explanation when confirmation mode
	crontab		vixie cron 's sample
	deny		deny post from not member

	fmlwrapper.c	C Wrapper
	fmlwrapper.h	fmlwrapper.c header file

5.2	Remove a Mailing List

	rm -fr /var/spool/ml/listname

and delete the entries in /etc/aliases.

5.3	Digest Delivery

Digest delivery is to send articles in one mail periodically not real
time delivery of mail when the server receives mail.

	% crontab /var/spool/ml/elena/crontab 

For each user who used "makefml newml listname", the user can find


which entries are automatically added when you create a new ml. 
This file has all crontab entries the user administrates. 


Please use crontab(1) in the following way:

	% crontab /var/spool/ml/etc/crontab/USERNAME
	% crontab /var/spool/ml/etc/crontab/USERNAME.master (see below)

cron wakes up periodically, checks articles in the mailing list spool
and deliver articles in one mail.

If your OS has not Vixie cron, please see the manual of "crontab" or
the chapter on "cron" of doc/English/ in the fml source.

***** When a lot of ML run in ONE MACHINE? (must be always yes on ISP
***** accounts)?

When in operational point of view, as usual to say, a lot of people
should avoid to run programs simultaneously on one machine. Plural
people run msend programs for plural ML's, each msend should run in
shifted phase, 10:00 min for A ML, 10:03 min for B ML, 10:06 for C
ML... Cron does its work as defined but not tunes itself up. System
administrator should check its system tuning.

/var/spool/ml/etc/crontab/USERNAME.master helps you to avoid
concurrent plural msend running. This crontab example follows:

   0 * * * * /usr/local/fml/bin/msend_master.sh -E /usr/local/fml -M /var/spool/ml

You should run msend in order, now elena, next mirei, ...
msend_master.sh kicks off msend.pl in order for each ML's in
/var/spool/ml (-M option).

Crontab Example to avoid concurrent msend running:

   0 * * * * /usr/local/fml/msend.pl /var/spool/ml/elena -q
   2 * * * * /usr/local/fml/msend.pl /var/spool/ml/mirei -q
   4 * * * * /usr/local/fml/msend.pl /var/spool/ml/anna  -q

5.4	fmlserv (Listserv or majordomo like interface for fml)

"fmlserv" is listserv/majordomo style emulator. If you would like to
set up it, run

	/usr/local/fml/makefml fmlserv

You can see the example setting in 


Please cut and paste the example of "aliases" which is seen in the
last of "makefml" for /etc/aliases and do "newaliases".
To check the action of "fmlserv", please send "help" to the

The command syntax of "fmlserv" is 

	command	   listname   [arguments or options]

Precisely speaking, "fmlserv" recognizes a command for each mailing
list as the syntax above. The part of "listname" is added to the
default fml command syntax. 

In fml, "config.ph" for each ML defines each command set for each ML.
fmlserv can understand each proper commands defined for each mailing
list since fmlserv can emulate each mailing list in the action.
fmlserv just offers in another "fmlserv" (listserv) syntax.

Copyright (C) 1993-2001 Ken'ichi Fukamachi
All rights of this page is reserved.

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