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Command Extension: Command Mail


To make a new local command usable for all ML's on this host, you need to put the module you wrote at

. If the command is allowed only for the specifiec ML (e.g. elena ML), put it at the ML local library path
where $ml_home_dir = /var/spool/ml/elena.

Create A New User Command

Consider to make a new local user command "uja". Pick up a command at FML::Command::User, cut and paste it. Please put it at

To permit the use of it for all ML's, edit site_default_config.cf to add it into $commands_for_user to permit the user of "uja" command.
user_command_mail_allowed_commands += uja
It you allow the command only for the specific elena ML, edit /var/spool/ml/elena/config.cf in the same way.
user_command_mail_allowed_commands += uja

Create A New Admin Command Such As "admin uja"

In the same way described above, hack the module!:) but the module path differs. Put it at the FML::Command::Admin:: class. For example

Edit site_default_config.cf to add it into $user_command_mail_allowed_commands to permit the use of "admin uja" command.
admin_command_mail_allowed_commands += uja

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