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Command (Command Mail, CUI And GUI)

Table of Contents
Modules for commands
Data Flow Of Command Request Processing
Command Extension: Command Mail
CUI Command Extension: makefml/fml
GUI Command Extension: CGI
How Differ Coding Style Among fml4 And fml8

Modules for commands

In fml8, all command modules are shared among command mail, CUI (makefml, fml) and GUI (CGI). Commands are caregorized into user and administrative ones by the priviledge.

FML::Command class consists of the following classes:

FML::Command		entrance into FML::Command. command dispatcher.
FML::Command::User	command for general ML users.
FML::Command::Admin	command for remote administrators.
For example, a user command in a command mail kicks off FML::Command firstly, after some steps, calls FML::Command::User::$command where $command is the specified command name.

User Command In Command Mail

FML::Process::Command call FML::Command::User::$command for $command via FML::Command.

FYI: some module calls FML::Command::Admin::$command for real work even if it is a user command. For example, FML::Command::Admin::subscribe works for subscription. In this case, FML::Command::User::subscribe module is a wrapper/entrance for confirmation before the real subscription process runs.

Admin Command (Administrative Command In Command Mail)

It calles FML::Command::Admin::$command for $command via FML::Command via FML::Process::Command.

CUI (makefml/fml)

FML::Process::Configure calls FML::Command::Admin::$command via FML::Command.


FML::Process::CGI calls FML::Command::Admin::$command via FML::Command.

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