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"makefml config" is a CUI to customize ML by menu form. BUT YET INCOMPLETE.

Edit configuration files anyway now.

Common Configurations On This Host

/usr/local/etc/fml/site_default_config.cf affects all ML on this host irrespective of the default domain or virtual domains. [1]

The format of site_default_config.cf is same as config.cf described below.

See list of all variables for the configurable variation.

elena ML's Configuration

To customize elena ML, edit /var/spool/ml/elena/config.cf file. The format is a little modified postfix style. It is different from both fml4's config.ph and cf. Add hooks after =cut line if needed.

Add or modify the least variables. If unspecified, the default value is used. The default value depends fml version and is defined at


The library path depends fml version. This technique ensures the easy upgrade/downgrade procedure. This is a feature of fml8.



This corresponds to site_force.ph of fml4.

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