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Run Configure

Run configure (GNU autoconf) and make.

% su root
# groupadd fml
# useradd -g fml -m fml
# ./configure
# make install
where configure replaces variables in scripts and .cf files.

After runnig configure, run "make install". The fml installer (perl scripts) reads ./etc/fml/install.cf configure created and install fml8 to e.g. /usr/local/.

You can specify the user name and fundamental directory names by configure arguments. Customizable variables are follows: configure --help shows them.

variables       default value               example
prefix          /usr/local                  /usr/local
exec_prefix     /usr/local
bindir          ${exec_prefix}/bin          /usr/local/bin
sbindir         ${exec_prefix}/sbin         /usr/local/sbin
libexecdir      ${exec_prefix}/libexec      /usr/local/libexec/fml
datadir         ${prefix}/share             /usr/local/share/fml
sysconfdir      ${prefix}/etc               /usr/local/etc/fml
sharedstatedir  ${prefix}/com
localstatedir   ${prefix}/var
libdir          ${exec_prefix}/lib          /usr/local/lib/fml
includedir      ${prefix}/include
oldincludedir   /usr/include
infodir         ${prefix}/info
mandir          ${prefix}/man
You can overwrite the following variables by configure arguments.
fmlconfdir      $sysconfidr/fml             /usr/local/etc/fml        
mlspooldir      /var/spool/ml               /var/spool/ml
fml_owner       fml                         fml
fml_group       fml                         fml
default_domain  (spaculated by configure)   (spaculated by configure)	
These options are shown by runnig
configure --help 
  --without-warning       run perl as perl without -w
  --with-fmlconfdir=DIR   use DIR instead of SYSCONFDIR/fml
  --with-mlspooldir=DIR   use DIR instead of /var/spool/ml
  --with-fml-owner=USER   use USER instead of fml
  --with-fml-group=GROUP  use GROUP instead of fml
  --with-default-domain=DOMAIN  use DOMAIN as the ML domain

Example: Running Configure

Example: On NetBSD, you should install 3rd party programs into /usr/pkg.

% ./configure --prefix=/usr/pkg

Example: On FreeBSD, use /usr/local.

% ./configure

If you use /etc/fml as configuration directory on e.g. Debian,

# ./configure --with-fmlconfdir=/etc/fml
loading cache ./config.cache
checking for perl... (cached) perl
checking for perl... (cached) /usr/local/bin/perl
checking whether optional useful commands are available or not
checking for cksum... (cached) /usr/bin/cksum
checking for md5... (cached) /usr/bin/md5
checking for ls... (cached) /bin/ls
checking for tar... (cached) /usr/bin/tar
checking for gzip... (cached) /usr/bin/gzip
checking for zcat... (cached) /usr/bin/zcat
checking for gunzip... (cached) /usr/bin/gunzip
checking for lha... (cached) /usr/pkg/bin/lha
checking for ish... no
checking for bzip2... (cached) /usr/bin/bzip2
checking for bunzip2... (cached) /usr/bin/bunzip2
checking for uuencode... (cached) /usr/bin/uuencode
checking for compress... (cached) /usr/bin/compress
checking for sendmail... (cached) /usr/sbin/sendmail
checking for newaliases... (cached) /usr/bin/newaliases
checking for postfix... (cached) /usr/sbin/postfix
checking for postalias... (cached) /usr/sbin/postalias
checking for postconf... (cached) /usr/sbin/postconf
checking for postmap... (cached) /usr/sbin/postmap
checking for nkf... (cached) /usr/pkg/bin/nkf
checking for kakasi... no
checking for namazu... no
checking for pgp... (cached) /usr/pkg/bin/pgp
checking for pgp5... no
checking for pgpe... no
checking for pgpk... no
checking for pgps... no
checking for pgpv... no
checking for gpg... no
checking for less... (cached) /usr/bin/less
checking for more... (cached) /usr/bin/more
checking for w3m... (cached) /usr/pkg/bin/w3m
updating cache ./config.cache
creating ./config.status
creating config.sh
creating fml/etc/main.cf
creating fml/etc/default_config.cf.ja
creating fml/etc/site_default_config.cf
creating fml/libexec/loader
creating fml/bin/fmlalias
creating fml/bin/fmlconf
creating fml/bin/fmldoc
creating fml/bin/fmlhtmlify
creating fml/bin/fmlsch
creating fml/bin/fmlthread
creating fml/bin/fmlspool
creating fml/bin/makefml
enabled perl -w

fml has been configure with the following options:

                 prefix: /usr/local
            exec_prefix: ${prefix}
                 bindir: ${exec_prefix}/bin
                sbindir: ${exec_prefix}/sbin
                lib_dir: ${exec_prefix}/lib
            libexec_dir: ${exec_prefix}/libexec
                 mandir: ${prefix}/man
                datadir: ${prefix}/share

      fml process owner: fml
      fml process group: fml
             fmlconfdir: /etc/fml
             mlspooldir: /var/spool/ml
         default domain: home.fml.org

Now you must run "make install".

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