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Appendix: Directory Roles

fml8 installs files under /usr/local by default.

Table 1. directory structure

directory description
/usr/local/etc/fml Configuration files. It corresponds with fml4's /usr/local/fml/.fml and default_config.ph. /usr/local/etc/fml/main.cf has fml version and library paths et.al.
/usr/local/libexec/fml Executables (corresponding with fml4's /usr/local/fml )
/usr/local/lib/fml Perl module location ( fml4's /usr/local/fml )
/usr/local/share/fml Message templates ( fml4's /usr/local/fml/messages/). Template files are language dependendent.
/var/spool/ml The top directory for mailing lists of the default domain. same as fml4. caution: the owner of /var/spool/ml can be specified by configure arguments. Prepare different directory for each domain. For example, /var/spool/ml for fml.org (default domain), whereas /var/spool/nuinui.net for nuinui.net domain (virtual domain). See ml_home_prefix_maps for the relation between domain and directory. Also see the Chapter called Virtual Domain for the virtual domain detail.

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