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Execise: Create A New Program

Table of Contents
Case Study: Create A fmlsch
Case Study: fmlsch.cgi

Consider creation of a simple scheduler listing tool in the fml8 framework. Here the program name is "fmlsch" and the cgi is "fmlsch.cgi".

Case Study: Create A fmlsch

Step 1: Add fmlsch Into Installer Configuration

Prepare fml/bin/fmlsch.in, add fmlsch into $bin_programs in fml/etc/install.cf.in. Run configure to re-create fml/etc/install.cf.

Step 2: Build A Module

Write fml/lib/FML/Demo/Calendar.pm as the main library of fmlsch.

Import other libraries if needed. For fmlsch we import HTML-CalendarMonthSimple-1.02.tar.gz from CPAN. See cpan/ directory.

Also, install Date-Calc if your system has not it.

Step 3: Modify FML::Process:: Class

FML::Demo::Calendar works mainly. We need to prepare FML::Process class for fml8 bootloader to call FML::Demo::Calendar.

Firstly, write mandatory methods for fmlsch process in fml/lib/FML/Process/Calender.pm. You need to create this file.

Secondly, set up boot loader configuration. In the case of fmlsch, the bootloader loads FML::Process::Calender. Define it in fml/etc/modules. Set up fml/etc/command_line_options properly. This "command_line_options" file has a map between a command and the command line options parsed by Getopt::Long().

Create FML::Process::Calender module by copy-and-pasting other FML::Process:: modules :-) Though fmlsch has only to contain least functions, you need to write FML::Process::Calender::run() method. For undefined methods, fml loads FML::Process::Kernel functions (inheritence).

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