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Mail::Message Module: Utility Functions


size() returns the size of the object not the whole message size.

is_empty() tells the object data is empty or not.

General Information

envelope_sender() returns the envelope sender as string.

data_type() returns the type of the object (a part of an object chain) not the whole message type (Content-Type: in the whole message header).

encoding_mechanism() returns the encoding mechanism of the object (a part of an object chain) as string. This is not of the whole message encoding mechanism.

Mail::Message Internals

num_paragraph() returns the number of paragraphs in the data of the object.

nth_paragraph(N) returns N-th paragrah as the string. Caution that N starts from 1 not 0.

header() returns the header part of a multipart block (header part of an object). data() returns the data part (data part of an object). Respectively, alias of message_fields($size) and message_text($size).

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