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Mail::Message Module

Table of Contents
Mail::Message Overview
Mail::Message Module: Analyze
Mail::Message Module: Create A New Object
Mail::Message Module: Header Manipulations
Mail::Message Module: Manipulate Messabe Body
Mail::Message Module: Search
Mail::Message Module: Print
Mail::Message Module: Utility Functions

Mail::Message Overview

Mail::Message object provides several methods to analyze a message and manipulate messages or parts of a message.

Precisely speaking, this module analyzes the specified mail message and build a chain of Mail::Message objects.

If not multipart

   header -> body

else if multipart

   header -> preamble -> part1 -> part2 -> ... -> trailor
The link between objects is double link list. Mail::Message class provides several methods to manipulate these structures.

Each part of this chain is a Mail::Message object. In other words, one mail message consits of a chain of plural Mail::Message objects in fml8 internal.

For example, "header" is a Mail::Message, which type is text/rfc822-headers and the data is stored as Mail::Header object. Instead "part1" is a Mail::Message object, which type is text/plain and the data is reference to the message string.

References: Mail::Message module manual.

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