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Back Up Of Configurations

Table of Contents
Back Up fml8 Configurations
Back Up All Files Except For Some Large Directories.

To preserve fml8 configurations, back up the following two directories:

$ml_home_prefix	(e.g. /var/spool/ml/, domain specific)
Attention: These directories holds all articles, log files and others et.al.

It is better to back up MTA configurations, too. For example, /etc/postfix in the case of Postfix.

In summary, the following three (generally speaking 2 + number of domains fml8 operatates) are targets.

$ml_home_prefix	(e.g. /var/spool/ml/)

Back Up fml8 Configurations

To back up fml8 configurations, it is enough to back up the following two directories. But it is too large since they contains articles, log files and all contents.

$ml_home_prefix	(e.g. /var/spool/ml/, domain specific)

The hard disk is cheap. So it is safe to preserve all contents as could as possible.

If you preserve only configuratoins, it is enough to back up the following files.

Configuration Files To Back Up

It is useful to make a list of targets based on the file naming convension.

In the case of fml8, a file with .cf extension is a configuration file. The format of .cf file is

key = value
style. This style configuration files follow

Configuration files with other syntax are

This type of files are space separeted.

/usr/local/etc/fml/ contains only configuration files. So back up all under them.

Address List To Back Up

Lists of mail addresses are

Article delivery uses both recipients and members. For other roles, fml8 uses members-$role and recipients-$role. So, back up all members* and recipients* files.

Remote administration by command mail (admin command mail) uses the following password files

. Back up /ML_HOME_DIRECTORY/etc/ too.

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