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Case Study: Office (1)

Edit /usr/local/etc/fml/site_default_config.cf to apply the effect to all ML's.

No tag of subject. [1]

article_header_rewrite_rules	-=	rewrite_article_subject_tag
This means header rewrite rules minus "adding subject tag" operation.

Prepend office# at X-ML-Name:. That is, mlname is changed to office#mlname.

# office#$mlname
outgoing_mail_header_x_ml_name          =       office#$ml_name

Anybody can post to this ML since customers send mails to this address.

article_post_restrictions		=	permit_anyone
In this case, anybody including system special accounts e.g. root, postmaster can post.

Disable almost all filters since a lot of customer messages looks something wrong.

use_article_filter		=	no

Change spool type as subdir since the number of articles may become over million.

spool_type			=	subdir

Disable command mail.

use_command_mail_function	=	no
If someboby want to use command mail (e.g. by CGI), we use this variable. It is recommended to remove proper alias entries if could to ensure the command mail is prohibited.



This is default in fml8 (default site_default_config.cf includes this configuration).

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